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Practice By Instinct



Anatomy meets brain


PBi is not a gimmick. PBi is on the scent of a big production, academically grown. The InstictDrills work on the basis of more than 25 years of research in functional anatomy.


Balance, angle of attack, smash, shot routine, rise angle (putting) and much more will be optimized by brain automatically.



Mund with Kaymer and German Team at Eisenhower Trophy



Drills that will have impact


PBi arosed under the leadership of Rainer Mund. Mund has essentially developed the modern german golftraining. As German National Coach he was deeply involved preparing Sandra Gal and Martin Kaymer for the tour.


Mund is a PGA Pro, he played Challenge-, European- and Asian Tour in the nineties and he has graduated in sports at the Deutsche Sporthochschule, Köln.


Bringing in Funny Sunesson to explain to the (at that stage unknown) Kaymer family what is coming up to their lifes, his drills "success serie", "4 shots per shot" and  "one chance drills" became more known around the globe.


He developed the "rebounder", a tool that creates immediate roll in putting just by using it. There is no need for thinking. Actually, that is why his drills and tools leave imprints. They work automaticallly and by instinct.



Mund has allways created new approaches to the game.






Get a new point of view


Two or three days that will change your approach to the game. VideoScope, Trackman and Puttlab are necessary tools, but make coaches stuck in analysing issues.


Every successful coach starts performing, when he has shut down the displays. They deal with solutions.


Discover our examples of swing evolutions of both, famous and yet unknown Golf-Talents practicing by instinct.


Up to 7 seconds before we realize, brain scientists can show by brain activity mesurements that the decision has allready been taken. Which entity in us does that? 


We penetrate deeply into the operating principles of the brain and show 9 InstinctDrills that will change modern GolfCoaching.


E-mail for dates and entry forms.


Two day kick off specials (only in spring 2015)

  • 300 € / day
  • First day:  11-17 h
  • Second day:  9-15 h
  • Feb 2/3, Mar 15/16, Mar 23/24 
  • Entry forms at:
  • Location: Wiesbaden central station (approx. 20 min drive/train from Frankfurt Airport/ Germany)
  • Ask for individual seminars!



Security advice

Do not leave your swing unattended!

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